Senior Snippet – Slow down in old age? No thanks!

by Rachel Kershaw

Welcome to Senior Snippets: the monthly advisory column with older members of our community in mind, brought to you by Rachel Kershaw of Home Instead in Burnley

This month, we are focusing on supporting older people in adding fitness to their weekly routines. This follows research conducted by ourselves, which has revealed just how much seniors understand the importance of keeping fit.

We know from our clients how much older generations are keen to keep active to maintain a healthy lifestyle and our research
has demonstrated this.

The survey revealed that:

  • 89% of over-75s have an undiminished appetite for life, agreeing on the need to stay active as you get older
  • 66% of all responders endorse diet and exercise as a means to stay youthful
  • But there is also frustration, with an average of 58% agreeing that older people are not encouraged enough to play sports.

So, what’s going on locally?

We’ve put together a list of local activities that older people can participate in to help them meet their aspirations of staying healthy and active.


We’d love to hear from you if you would like to make suggestions for a future topic.

Founders Jess Croft and Rachel Kershaw

Founders Jess Croft and Rachel Kershaw

For more information, email, call 01282 911300, or write to Home Instead Burnley, Northbridge House, Elm Street, Burnley, BB10 1PD