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Love Your Yarden

by Colne Life magazine

Is your backyard nothing more than a home for your bins? With summer approaching, it’s time to transform your yard into a garden.

Here are our ten top tips for transforming your little patch of paradise into a yarden:

  1. Set Your Goals for Your Yarden

There’s no point setting up a table and chairs if you hate eating al fresco or buying an extravagant outdoor lounge set for a yard that would just about manage a hammock. Think about how you would like to utilise your space, whether that’s a home bar, a cosy reading nook, or a patch for kids to play on.

  1. Patch Up Those Paving Slabs

First things first, get everything out of the way and grab a power washer. You’ll need to spray away the winter grime. Decking can spruce up a corner for a seating area, or you could add an outdoor rug in your favourite style.

Native plants will be easier to maintain and beneficial for local wildlife.

  1. Go Wild with Greenery

Yards often look bereft of the colour gardens have, so inject some greenery. You don’t need vast flower beds. A few pots will do the trick. If your space is small, embrace vertical gardening with trellises and climbing flowering plants like clematis or honeysuckle. Hang pots from fences and walls.

  1. Plant Native Species

Choose plants that thrive in the UK climate. Consider lavender for its fragrance and hardiness, foxgloves for their striking height, and bluebells for a burst of colour in spring. Native plants will be easier to maintain and beneficial for local wildlife.

  1. Create a Focal Point

Create a focal point to give your yard a sense of structure. This could be a water feature, a fire pit, or a stunning plant like a Japanese maple. A focal point draws the eye and makes the space feel more organised.

Outdoor lighting can transform your yard into a magical retreat.
  1. Grow Your Own

Even in small spaces, you can grow your own vegetables or herbs. Use containers to plant tomatoes, strawberries, or basil. Raised beds can also be a great option if you have a bit more space.

  1. Add Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting can transform your yard into a magical retreat. String fairy lights in trees or along fences, use solar-powered stake lights to line pathways, or place lanterns on tables to create a cosy atmosphere.

  1. Encourage Wildlife into Your Yarden

Attract birds, bees, and butterflies to your yard by planting wildflowers and installing bird feeders or insect hotels. Buddleia is great for butterflies, while thyme and rosemary attract bees.

  1. Maximise Seating Options in the Yarden

Incorporate versatile seating options like foldable chairs, benches with storage, or even a hammock. This flexibility allows you to accommodate more people when needed and makes the space more functional.

Making the most of your Garden

  1. Use Artificial Grass for Low Maintenance

If lawn maintenance feels like too much work, consider installing artificial grass. Modern artificial grass looks realistic, requires minimal upkeep, and provides a lush, green area for relaxing or playing.

By following these tips and incorporating specific UK plants, you can turn your backyard into a beautiful and functional yarden ready for summer enjoyment.

ColneLife July/Aug 24