Trawden Guides: Looking For The Next Guiding Light

by Imogen Birtwistle

We chat to Sylvia Davy of Trawden Guides

For me, Trawden Guides wasn’t just a club – it was a joyful sanctuary where I could gather with friends and dive into new adventures. Thanks to Guides, I’ve become braver and more resilient, largely because of Sylvia Davy, our amazing guide leader who often nudged me out of my comfort zone.

The Guides also enjoy nights especially Waddow Hall in Clitheroe, where they tackle outdoor challenges and learn valuable skills like cooking outdoors. I fondly recall burning the bacon during one of these camps. Sadly, funding cuts threaten these properties, but efforts like the Waddow Trust aim to preserve them.

We also participate in significant services at St Mary the Virgin Church in Trawden, such as the Remembrance service. After the church service, we march to the cenotaph, proudly carrying our guiding flags and taking on responsibilities like laying the poppy wreath. This event is one of Sylvia’s proudest moments. She beams with pride as she watches us march through the village in our uniforms, feeling honoured to call us her troop.

Sylvia’s dedication to Guides dates back to the late 70s when the group reopened. She was too old to join as a member, so she became a leader instead. Starting as a Brownie leader in her twenties, she transitioned to a Guide leader ten years later. Known affectionately as ‘Captain’ by our troop, she has dedicated an impressive 38 years to guiding! Now, she’s on the look out for new volunteers to step up and continue her legacy, ensuring more girls get the chance to benefit from guiding. There’s currently a long waiting list of girls eager to join! “Someone will have to step forward, or it will fade,” Sylvia warns.

Volunteering with Guides not only supports the local community by equipping young people with valuable skills but also boosts your own well-being. If you’re interested in volunteering at Trawden Guides, visit to register.

ColneLife July/Aug 24